Monday, September 21, 2015


Hello Out There! What a beautiful Sunday afternoon! In the past three weeks, our
youngest granddaughters, #9 and #10 have been baptized! All ten of our grandchildren
have now been baptized in the Catholic Church. As the grandmother of these ten blessings
from God, I couldn't be happier, and their grandfather feels the same way! The kids
call us Nana and Pa, and they are all unique and precious to us.
As I've said before, we have 8 granddaughters and 2 grandsons. So the numbers I give
are when they were born.
We baptized granddaughter #10, three weeks ago after the Saturday evening Mass
at Sacred Heart in the little chapel. She looked so beautiful in her white baptism gown.
What made it even more special -  she wore the same gown her oldest sister (#3)
wore when she was baptized, also at Sacred Heart but in the big sanctuary.
I wish you could have heard the other grandkids voices as we prayed the "Our Father"
during the baptism. From the smallest to the tallest, their little voices praying
in one accord will stay in my heart forever.
We all went out to eat afterwards, our daughter, her husband and their three little girls,
including #10-the shining star of the evening, our son, his wife, their three little
girls and two sons, our only grandsons! We ate at a Mexican restaurant with several
tables pushed together. I smile when I think of all the laughing and joy that evening
held. One of my favorites moments was when we all prayed together before we
ate our meal, giving thanks to God for everything.
We baptized granddaughter #9, after the 11:00 a.m. Mass today! She was baptized
at St. Boniface Catholic Church in Olfen. She was also beautiful in her white
baptism gown. What made it even more special - she wore the same gown her
oldest sister (#4) wore when she was baptized. My heart was touched again as we
prayed in one accord, the smallest to the tallest, their sweet voices were heard.
Both baptisms were beautiful and the babies did so well. It was like they knew that
this was something special, something powerful, something that must be done.
I want to share something else that touched my heart today. Grandson #1 and
granddaughter #3 (cousins) were sitting side by side in the pew in front of my
husband and I at Mass today. They are nine years old now, and when I saw them,
I thought of a time not so long ago, when his father and her mother, sat side
by side at Mass learning to follow God to grow up in His ways.
Yes, today was a blessing, my husband and I, two of our adult children and
their families all at Mass together, celebrating another baptism, continuing to try
and follow God's ways.
We went out to eat at a different Mexican restaurant today, our large, happy family
including #9-the shining star of the day. Crowded tables blessed with food, and also
laughter, love, and thankfulness!
Blessings to you and yours!                     Bye for now, Sharla

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