Monday, July 20, 2015

As a Couple, Being Pro-life is Our Way of Life

Hello Out There! It is a balmy 100+ degrees this afternoon and the week ahead
looks, hot, hot, hot! Now that I've given you the weather forecast for San Angelo
I will begin my story.
I just have to share this awesome, peaceful feeling I have right now. If you have
been following my blog for awhile you know that I write about my family, my
faith, and my pro-life advocacy. Speaking up for the unborn and spreading the
pro-life message is definitely my mission. Making sure I post updated websites
about adoption, pregnancy help centers, and healing after an abortion is very
important to me. I have also written about a baby's gestation from conception to
birth, a true miracle that I love to share. Something I don't like to think about, much
less write about, but have, is how horrible an abortion truly is, what takes
place, and possible complications during/and or after an abortion.
This fall will be my 3rd time to lead a 40 Days for Life Campaign here in
San Angelo. Since the Planned Parenthood here shut down, we pray in the
outside courtyard at our parish, Sacred Heart Cathedral. Several of my previous
blog posts are about things that happen during the campaigns.
Now, back to my awesome, peaceful feeling. Many times I have prayed and
asked God if I was doing enough? headed in the right direction? are You really
sure You want me to lead a campaign? etc. etc. etc.
I knew in my heart that God wanted me to really get involved and speak up
for the unborn, but then I would start doubting that I was doing a good job. I would
start second guessing myself but I kept on fighting for the babies, I didn't give up.
I posted a picture on Face Book of Mother Teresa, and the quote says,
"God has not called me to be Successful. He called me to be Faithful."
I have shared that picture many times, and I have read the words she spoke,
many more times. I finally get it............ I finally get it!
This past Sunday morning Jim and I got up and got ready. We pulled out two
of the vinyl pro-life banners, made sure we had the zip ties and scissors, and
we loaded everything up in the truck. We headed to the courtyard, our mission
planned out. We prayed for our family on the way. We had to circle the block
to find a parking place because it was almost time for the 10:00 a.m. Mass.
We parked, gathered our supplies and crossed the street. We passed people who
were hurrying to get to Mass as we were going to the courtyard. We went to
the gate and took down the pro-life banner that we had hung up 3 weeks
before. We carefully folded it back up and hung up the new one. This banner
has a black background and on one side there is a picture of a baby in the womb
being cradled by a pair of hands, and the quote on the other side says,
                "It is a poverty to decide that a child must die
                           so that you may live as you wish."
                      This quote is also by Mother Teresa. (My hero!)

Jim and I stood back and looked at the banner after we hung it up. The banners
are really large, 8' long by 3 1/2' high. I backed up and took a picture, I sat down
on some steps behind me so that I could get a good shot. After I took the picture
I said a little prayer, I felt choked up and tears came to my eyes.
Jim put up the banner we had taken down and we walked around to the front side
of the courtyard to hang up the next banner. An older woman in a motorized
wheelchair came down the side walk right next to us, she told us how she loves
to stop and look at the banners everyday when she passes by. Jim and I thanked
her, and told her that we were so glad that she liked them. I reached out and
touched her arm before she drove away. We went through the same routine, took
down one banner and hung another one up. This banner has a white background
and one side says, "I'm a Child, Not a Choice!" The other side has the face
of a beautiful baby. The atmosphere while Jim and I were quietly working was so
peaceful. Our work was done with a quiet reverence, knowing we were doing
what God has called us to do.
That evening we arrived early for the 6:00 p.m. Mass, we looked at the banners,
and watered the flowers we had planted. It was early when we walked into the
cathedral, we were the only ones in the sanctuary as we knelt down to pray.
Mass was wonderful, it always is.
This morning when Jim and I were praying at The Adoration Chapel I finally
realized what God was telling me.
I wish I could describe the peace I feel in my heart, the joy and love I feel when
we are speaking up for the unborn, when Jim and I are working together to get the
pro-life message out there. Knowing with absolute certainty that this is what WE,
as a couple have been called to do is both humbling and awesome at the same time.
I am sharing this with you to ask for your prayers. Please pray for Jim and I as
we continue speaking out for the unborn, because I finally realize that our mission
is going to be a very busy, day to day pro-life way of life.
I'm going to close with a prayer I read this morning in my Living Faith - Daily
Catholic Devotions book. It is one of the morning prayers in the back.
Lead me, Lord, to new experiences of faith today. When I find myself in
doubt, nudge me gently forward and walk beside me. You have blessed me
with courage and compassion that I may follow your holy way. Thank you
for trusting me to love as you love. Amen.
                                                           Bye for now, Sharla

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