Saturday, August 12, 2017

Please Share These Helpful, Life Giving, and Loving Links!

Hello out there! I'm thankful to be home from my latest journey! My heart is full and I
have so much to share! There are so many kind and caring people and organizations
out there! I'm going to list the places I actually visited and saw for myself first -

I went to San Antonio on Wednesday and was given a tour of Seton Home -
This place is amazing! They take in young pregnant mothers and give them a place
to live during their pregnancy and after. They provide daycare for their children while
the young mothers finish school. They provide shelter, food, daycare, parenting
classes, counseling, and so much more. This home is for young ladies who have not
turned eighteen. An exception would be if a young lady is taken in before she turns
eighteen and is still in need of finishing high school and other assistance with her
baby or young toddlers. Check out their website and share this information!
I was given information about the Guadalupe Home that is for young ladies who
seek help once they've turned eighteen or are older. I did not visit their location but
it sounds like another blessing for young mothers and their babies.
To find out more about the Guadalupe Home, look up Catholic Charities in San Antonio
and you will find the link for the Guadalupe Home for Unwed Mothers.

I went to visit the Gladney Center for Adoption in Austin on Friday. I met with a
Regional Adoption Caseworker and she gave me all types of brochures and handouts
to bring back to San Angelo. We talked for an hour and if you need any of these
brochures please let me know! Here is some contact information for y'all!

I also went to the John Paul II Life Center in Austin. More people who care and
help is available! Amazing!

Back in June, I drove to Midland and went to visit my friends Faustino and Cora. He
is the General Manager for Guadalupe Radio Network in our area and his wife
works at The Life Center. She gave me a tour and introduced me to everyone. I love the
name - The Life Center - and I was so impressed with everything they provide for
these young parents!
Check out the website:  and they have programs for fathers -

In San Angelo we have our own wonderful Pregnancy Help Center of The Concho Valley -
All services are free; pregnancy tests, sonograms, parenting classes, etc. They help
with baby clothes, maternity clothes, etc. The volunteers and staff are friendly and
compassionate - they want to help the mothers and their babies - the fathers too!

Isn't this great news? Help is available! I've given you links to locations in the Austin,
San Antonio, Midland, and San Angelo areas. No matter where you live - help is close
by. When Jim and I were in Jefferson, Texas (East Tx)back in 2015 we saw this sign
outside of a Catholic Church -
                             (Mujer Embarazada y Necesita Ayuda?)
                          The Catholic Church sees the birth of each baby as
                         God's unfailing love. We offer immediate & practical
                                 help to any woman faced with crisis pregnancy

While I was driving through Llano, TX yesterday I saw a couple of these signs - the
800 numbers were different but the message is the same.
Please share these links - you never know who might need them!
If you know of more places please tell me all about them and share the websites.

I want to close with this statement that is on the back of one of the Gladney
brochures -
"The Gladney Center for Adoption is committed to providing loving homes for
children, a caring environment for birth parents, supportive services for Gladney
families and adoptees, and assistance to orphans and vulnerable children in
countries where we serve."
May God bless and guide all of these organizations, the people who work there,
and the people they help and serve.
I hope you all have a blessed weekend! Be a light to others and reach out to those in need!

  Hi! It's Monday morning and a good friend of mine sent some more adoption
 information so I'm going to add it to this post!
The Bair Foundation -
The Adoption Alliance (855)626-0305 http://adoption-alliance/unplanned
And I found some phone numbers on the brochure from The Life Center for
Odessa, TX - (432)617-8378
Andrews, TX - (432)523-2859
Big Spring, TX - (432)254-5311
Please share this important information!
God bless you all!                                                  


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